#NowPlaying Acid House On Your Radios Worldwide [EP]

by Bikini Skate Acid Collective


Debut release for Richie McCoy's acid adventures. Contains a mixture of tracks including the floor-busting "Knowing I Will Never See You Again", the hip-busting "Saturday Night's Alright for Kiting" and the colostomy bag-busting techno of "What Is Qang (LFO Mix)".


released May 29, 2015

All tracks written, performed, produced & engineered by Richie McCoy.

Kit list : VAIO Laptop running Steinberg ReBirth RB-338, Yamaha VSS-200, Yamaha RY10, Zoom R8 Multitrack Recorder Interface, Yamaha PSS-390, Yamaha PSS-570, Korg Microkorg, Alesis Fazer, Alesis NanoVerb, Yamaha CS2x, Yamaha PSR-D1, Yamaha PSS-790, Sony CMT-NEZ7 for digital to cassette to digital manipulation, TDK cassettes.

Thanks to all friends and family. Big shouts to everyone supporting this record. A big middle-finger to all the haters who think somebody with Asperger's Syndrome can't amount to anything. Peace y'all!! - Richie